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    I just got an unlocked Fire Phone. I followed the directions and was able to put Cyanogenmod 11 on it. I've never had a phone before. I've always used my parents landline, or email on a desktop PC. I can't afford a cell plan, but I've heard about wifi calling. I do have a wireless router, and it's my understanding malls/libraries have free wifi. BTW, do I need a sim card?

    How do I go about getting my first phone number? I do not have one, and don't want to use my parents landline number. I would like to make calls for free, but I must be able to call landlines (in the USA), not just other people with the same app. Will this number be easily found on the web so I end up getting spam calls?

    What app will allow me to get my first phone number, let me place calls for free to landlines(and for them to call me), and isn't loaded with ads? I want something very simple, without a lot of options like emoticons(?), add pictures, etc.

    Also when placing a call, do you just dial the 7 digits or do you add the area code, and/or the 1 first?


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    09-01-2015 10:26 PM

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