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    I recently upgraded my phone contract and got a new phone, Galaxy S6. Since I got it (around 20th July this year) it was just fine, except that it would overheat sometimes and turn off for no significant reason, but I thought it's just an Android being silly. During that time I got some scratches, barely noticeable, and also I scratched one corner. Today the phone was acting just crazy - first it took ages to connect to the wifi, tthen it suddenly died (still not connected), and when it turned on, the starting screen was a bit glitchy. I don't have pictures, but it was just random colours and lines. The menu screen was fine, but when I tried to connect to wifi again, it did the same thing and then the menu screen was bright red rather than pink and looked glitchy as well. I panicked and plugged it in for charging, but when I tried to turn it on it didn't do anything. After a while it turned on, but was still glitchy. Now I don't know what to do. Is it something that I can fix, or do I have to take it to the manufacturer. If so, will they repair or replace it since it's damaged on the outside? Thanks a lot for all the answers.
    09-02-2015 12:23 PM
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    Yeah it sounds like a faulty handset, especially if you have been experiencing these issues from the beginning. Try and contact Samsung and see what they say, they might be able to repair it, if not they will replace it I'm sure. Good luck
    09-03-2015 03:55 AM

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