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    After much thought I've decided to buy a new phone.
    Coming from an LG P970 running Cyanogenmod, my requirements were as such:
    1) Android (because iOS is too restrictive and WP not developed enough)
    2) Cyanogenmod compatibility
    3) ~4" screen, which is hard to come by nowadays
    4) [minor] good design, possibility of black with white back cover
    When I received the phone, it turned out the seller had the wrong info in their e-shop. I didn't get the dualcore i9195 version, but the updated quadcore i9195i instead. A problem arose. The phone I got was incompatible with Cyanogenmod. It's nigh impossible to root and there are no custom ROMs available.
    That wasn't all, after only 3 hours of actually using the phone, I connected it to my PC and the SIM tray stopped detecting my SIM card, forcing me to restart the phone indefinitely.
    Much to my disappointment, I had to return the phone.
    Now I'm a bit sceptical. Should I try and look for the i9195 version? Should I just bite the bullet and live with TouchWiz? If I ordered a replacement copy, would it not get the same SIM problem as the first one? Is there even any competitive alternative for the price? (I paid $200 for this one).
    Finally, I resorted to visiting a dedicated forum, asking for opinions, which I should've done in the first place. I'd be happy for any advice given.
    09-02-2015 02:02 PM

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