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    not sure if this would be the right site to post this on or forum (forgive me this is my first time using one!) but im in the UK and was looking forward to the new note 5 being released, of course that wont happen this year now, but im wondering if buying from a site such as ebay, where there is a best buy uk in which i can buy the phone from, im wondering if i would have any problems with the phone here in the uk? Whether it be problems with the carriers and networks we use over here, as i know some are different, for reference i would be using it on the carrier, Three, im just wondering if anything such as battery will be affected or anything at all which would limit my experience with the phone, also as the phone isnt sold over here and i happened to damage the phone getting it repaired, would the hassle be too much? I do really like the note 5 and i am really disappointed samsung decided to use skip the UK and Europe, ever since i went contract ive used Samsung's phones.

    I am currently using an s4 which is due up in the end of January, battery is starting to show its wear as only hitting 2h SOT, although may bug an extended battery from Anker for the time being, i have also considered the note 4 and if anyone here thinks it wouldnt be worth the hassle to get the note 5 to the UK i am more than happy to still use the note 4 until the note 6 comes out, also have looked at the edge+, love the look of it, solid phone, just features wise there isnt enough there to appeal to me, also micro sd and removable battery isnt a must for me, never used it on either phones on s4 and my older s2, also i know there is battery packs which now support quick charging from samsung and other companies and that would work for me, again not sure if this thread fits onto this site but any help i can get about this would be much appreciated, im not buying until December as it is gonna be a christmas present i believe, but thank you to any help that i receive from anyone would be much appreciated!

    Also sorry if my grammar isnt exactly the best! English...just can be awful with grammar!
    09-02-2015 05:57 PM
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    You could import it but then there would be import tax and duty/vat and extra carrier fees
    09-02-2015 06:27 PM
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    If the ebay seller has the postage listed as free, does this mean there isnt the import tax or would it be added at checkout? Thanks for quick response!
    09-02-2015 06:37 PM
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    The Note 5 is an awesome phone. If you're new to a Note, you'll be very satisfied with the phone. It's fast, and smooth.

    On the other hand, the Note 4 is also an awesome phone. It's also fast and smooth... although Lollipop has caused problems for some users. Hopefully, 5.1.1 will fix the issues.

    I'm a Note 4 user. I'm used to the Note 4 and everything about it... and I'm biased. There are features on the Note 4 that were removed from the Note 5 and for me, the features they removed are important enough that I would never upgrade to a Note 5. In fact, I don't consider the Note 5 an upgrade... mostly due to the fact they removed stuff!

    I compiled a list of what I've discovered so far... you can read it HERE.

    To be fair, the Note 5 added a few things, like being able to write on a locked screen when the phone is off without having to launch the Action memo. On the Note 4, you can also write on a locked screen, but you have to launch the Action memo with a double tap of the S pen. The Note 5 also has "long screen capture" (not real sure this is what it's called), but you can capture a scrolled image of a web page, text, etc. Personally, I don't find this appealing, but then some might. The Note 5 also has the new Samsung Pay (I personally will never use my phone for a payment, so this is moot).

    For me, I'll wait to see what next year brings. The Note 6 is really, really, going to have to be very, very special before I even consider leaving my Note 4. If Samsung still goes with a sealed battery and no option for SD card, I will heavily consider dropping them for my next phone. Time will tell.

    I'd hate to be you in this situation! If I were you, and I didn't know anything about either phone, I would probably buy the Note 5. But, knowing what I know now, I would buy the Note 4... without a doubt! My bias is only because I own a Note 4 and I know it's capabilities.

    The Note 5 is very nice looking phone though!
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    09-02-2015 06:38 PM
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    After reading what you posted about the two differences about the phones i am leaning more back towards the note 4 again, i love both phones and is a hard choice, there is others on my mind but the notes are defiantly my top ones. Thanks for the awesome reply it does really help! For now i have plenty of time to see what happens and see what happens between both phones in the next months, the note 5 still peeks my interest but the thought of maybe having to pay those import taxes, i will check with certain sellers to see what they say about it! Also if i break the note 5 i wouldnt know if i would be able to get it to a Samsung store in the UK! But thanks fo the reply! Got some thinking between the two phones!
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    09-02-2015 07:05 PM
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    The Note is/has been a great phone. Please keep something in mind. I didn't post everything about the Note 5 that I am thinking about. So I'll add something here. The Note 5 has a new screen. It's a new generation and not the same one used on the Note 4 even though it's the same size. There have been recent threads mentioning discoloration on the Note 5 and new S6's screens... not just on AC. Please do some research.
    09-02-2015 08:16 PM

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