1. AC Question's Avatar
    When I try to check application info on my LG G3 from the settings page, it appears as if the list of app names and size starts loading and then it just closes and goes back to settings. I cannot manage apps from the settings page at all.
    09-03-2015 04:10 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. What device do you have? Have you tried rebooting it to see if that fixes it?
    09-03-2015 04:40 PM
  3. KKHiya's Avatar
    LG G3. I've rebooted. I've removed the battery, waited, replaced, and powered on.
    In fact, it happens when I check storage, smart cleaning, apps -- it looks like it's working to pull up the info and then it just closes the page and goes back to the settings menu.
    So frustrating. Everything else works fine.
    I really don't want to do a factory reset because of the hassle.
    09-03-2015 07:30 PM

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