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    A couple of days ago my Samsung Rugby Pro (SGH-1547C) screen stopped rotating. At the same time, my notification bar stopped retracting and my computer stopped recognizing my phone as a media device without manual installation of downloaded software. (The latter two problems don't impede my use of the phone, but I thought they could be relevant symptoms, given that they occurred concurrently.) I checked the accelerometer sensor and it indicated that the phone is not receiving any information from the accelerometer. My phone and Kies are claiming that both my software and firmware are up to date, but I am not sure how to check that the drivers are up to date, and I could see that being a problem.

    I tried a variety of simple fix suggestions (eg turning it off and pulling the battery for a minute before restarting, clearing the cache etc) with no success. I then tried a factory reset and success! for a couple of hours... My screen rotation worked again until it suddenly didn't a couple of hours later when I plugged in my headphones and opened the netflix app (both of which I do daily, and the combination of which had been where I saw the auto rotation stop the first time.) Subsequent factory resets did not have repeat the success of the first one - I have not been able to get the screen to rotate or the notification bar to recede since then, and I am not sure what else to try. I started trying to use Odin mode but it got stuck in the process of downloading for over half an hour (twice) so I pulled the battery, and nothing changed.

    Because it worked again after the first factory reset I am hopeful that the accelerometer is not actually physically broken, but I am out of ideas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    09-04-2015 01:40 PM

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