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    Hi guys I'm thinking of upgrading my S4 from Kitkat to Lollipop since I heard the phone will become a lot smoother with the upgrade. The problem is my phone says my "Your device has been modified software upgrades are not available." I'm guessing this is because my S4 is rooted.

    My phone as of right now doesn't have anything fancy like a custom ROM but I am using some Xposed Frameworks like Wanam Exposed etc and other apps that require root access like Greenify.

    Can someone walk me through the step by step process of upgrading my phone from its current status to a Lollipop build? I am aware that I must backup my phone and un-root my phone but I'm not sure about how to do these things.

    09-05-2015 09:00 PM
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    Back up (see Backing up an Android Device) then flash a stock ROM (see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN), update. You may be able to root LP on the S4 - check in the appropriate S4 forum on XDA Forums. You probably won't get Xposed working much - it's still not working on Samsung ROMs (and there's a special Samsung version - the stock version won't do anything at all because Samsung does things differently in LP).

    Greenify works (with or without Xposed), but by killing apps, so you have to run it once a day or so and let it automatically kill anything that ran. Wanam - not yet.

    For all those reasons, I'm probably going to reflash 4.4.2.
    09-05-2015 10:18 PM

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