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    Hiya! I need help deciding what phone's camera would be better. (Especially in low lighting) I have a bunch of questions, so please bear with me.

    1) The Note N7000 vs The LG VU III F300K

    2) How much do the LG F300k and the F320K cameras differ in quality?

    3)Do the Korean LG G2 models have inferior cameras?

    4)The G2 F302K or the Xperia Z1.

    5)I normally wouldn't doubt the G2 or the Z1 but I found some sets in the market. Thing is, I was expecting to be dazzled by the cameras, but both sets didn't really amaze me when I took a quick shot. The text in the image also was not very readable when I zoomed in. For both the G2 and Z1.

    Question is, is it possible for a tampered/refurbed Z1/G2 to suddenly have lesser camera quality? And considering the odds that both sets were tampered with, affecting the cameras.

    Thanks a bunch!
    09-06-2015 05:19 AM

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