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    I have tons of photos on my PC I succeeded in uploading/syncing to my Moto G. Then due to crippled droid dropbox (no sorting?!) I tried the QuickPic app to be able to sort by latest date first, etc. But, in the QuickPic displayMode/List it shows that all the newly synced files have the same date ~the sync date~ instead of the original created/modified date.

    Is there any solution to this, even in a different syncing backup app?
    09-06-2015 05:34 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Try uploading to Google Photos. See if that fixes your problem. Otherwise you may need to manually load from the computer.
    09-06-2015 06:25 PM
  3. rootazoid's Avatar
    OP here. Thanks magnus. I'm trying out the G Photos you suggested, but via my Win7 PC. Btw, I didn't really want to hand my pix over to G, but WTH. Four things to note.

    1. every pic I've taken with my (first) new phone is already there, despite never having asked for that or logged in at Photos

    2. it looks like, just like Dropbox, there's no "sort by date", so QuickPic or something will still be needed

    3. it wouldn't accept a (small) folder upload, only files, bah

    4. the worst, I then chose 4 jpgs to upload, basically only little email snaps totalling about 400k, as a test. They are STILL uploading and I started that process 5 minutes minutes before starting to write this reply. Maybe it would go faster over the Wifi on the phone? This PC is only wired, so I guess I'd have to find a way on the phone to copy pix out of Dropbox into Photos. UNacceptable!
    09-07-2015 06:37 AM
  4. rootazoid's Avatar
    OK, I found that MS OneDrive (the old SkyDrive), when synced to its Android app preserves the actual created/modified date, and has a built-in Sort function, by Date/Newest for example. Imperfectly executed but better than nothing (Dropbox or Google).

    EDIT AFTER 2500 PHOTOS: the built-in Sort function, by Date/Newest/Oldest is only an ~approximation~ of native Windows Detail View by date. This needs a geek or team to look at it and figure out the glitches - or if no glitches, explain to the user how to get a better date sort.

    THIS IS WHAT I WROTE BEFORE: Unlike Dropbox, which changes the file dates to the synced date, this preserves the actual created/modified date, and has a built-in Sort function, by Date/Newest for example. That's very important to me, which is why 4 stars. After I try it with hundreds of photos instead of a test run of 4, I may give it 5 stars. HEY MS, if you're watching reviews, you need a much better/bigger/updated snapshot here of the sorting choices. Also, during the install it allows a choice of automatically adding one's phone-cam photos to OneDrive. Not too big of a deal BUT that also doubles one's free cloud storage from 15GB to 30GB.

    Also, I found this helpful. I cannot yet post links so you know what to do:

    Force OneDrive to sort your files in a specific order across all your devices | PCWorld
    09-08-2015 08:41 AM

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