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    This applies to both my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Rooted) and my wife's phone (Samsung Galaxy S5). We are both on Verizon.

    We recently moved about 20 miles down the road and ever since, both of our phones still think we live in the other city. For example, Weather Bug constantly shows the other city. If I start Google Maps or another GPS application, the initial location is the other city (my actual old house location) and then it quickly "finds" us where we actually live when the real GPS kicks in. This happens on both Wifi and on mobile network.

    If I go to any site that does IP location, it always shows my ip as the city I live in, which is correct. I thought maybe that since I still use Comcast that my IP was registering the old address or something similar. I went to the extent of doing a mac clone on my router to pull a new Comcast IP with the same results. IPV6 is turned off.

    I have also tried clearing data on all google services, deleting location history, etc. I also updated my address in Google, my home location, and every other spot that references the old address. Something that does work is to turn off all other location types except just GPS, but then it has to use my GPS more and results in more battery usage. It also affects some applications that use location based actions.

    Since this is on both of our phones and not limited to one, what other options do I have? How do I get Google to update my location based on cell towers, IP, or whatever else it uses for non-GPS location?

    Any help is appreciated. One of those minor issues that really just bugs me more than anything.
    09-06-2015 09:55 PM

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