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    Even after I force stop the factory camera app... It still restarts. Why? Is it takin videos or pics?

    09-07-2015 11:16 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The Android system prefers to have RAM mostly full (unlike Windows, which prefers to have RAM as empty as possible). So the system will control which apps it wants to keep open in RAM, based on usage patterns, as well as the coding of the app itself. The camera isn't doing anything in the background--it's just ready to open up quickly if you need it. If the system needs to free up RAM to open another app it will automatically close one of the apps that hasn't been used in a while in order to open up the new app.

    See these articles for more info:
    RAM: What it is, how it's used, and why you shouldn't care | Android Central
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    09-07-2015 01:30 PM
  3. Phillyjoeyb's Avatar
    I think it's the government running cameras at all times Cameron does not have any reason to have a service of process running unless Jeffrey being used so I disable the camera until I actually need it.

    09-11-2015 08:23 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    No, it's not the government. Read those articles. It's how the system works. There are always going to be some apps open in RAM.
    09-11-2015 04:03 PM
  5. Crashdamage's Avatar
    Read the post linked below. There are 3 states that processes can be in. Only one of the 3 is actually active, drawing a significant amount of power.

    If you go to:
    Settings > Apps > Running
    ...you see a long list, but that's very misleading. Almost all of the stuff listed is not active. Please, read this post. It explains a bit more:


    Android since v1.0. Linux since 2001
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    09-11-2015 04:49 PM

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