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    When we got the Verizon Unlimited Data Plans on our phones, agent said we'd always be able to keep it even when upgrading phones unless we changed our plan. Mistakenly believed her.

    Upgraded the phone awhile ago. For various reasons, didn't use it until recently (kept paying the $30 fee to keep the plan, or so I thought). Started using the phone recently and got an alert for data overage. Contacted Verizon to find out the Unlimited Data Plan on that line was deleted when we updated the phone (as everyone here probably knows).

    It didn't occur to me that Verizon would do this so didn't even think to check forums first. They've kept our AllTel plan through phone upgrades after Verizon bought AllTel, we just assumed they'd be stand-up about their own plans too.

    Online agents and in-store agents are telling me no chance to get Unlimited Data Plan back, even if asking to go back to old phone or paying for new phone in full. Once gone, Verizon won't budge at all.

    We've never abused the service. Neither line has ever used more than 12GB, usually around 6GB per month.

    Any hope or is it just gone?
    09-08-2015 02:45 AM

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