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    Kept running out of memory, did a factory reset.
    added accounts, everything works fine, all apps are updated.
    However my contact in my gmail account wont download. There are a couple of hundred.
    Only four will appear in the phone plus the provider account ones. These four are the ones added since I got the phone; the others were on earlier phones.
    Have tried every fix google has to offer, including the contact sync fix.
    added/removed account, unsynced, stopped processes, cleared data, turned it off and on. Factory reset the hone several times.
    Contact Storage is showing 640Kb,
    Contacts Extension is showing 0.00B
    Contacts 8.00KB
    Im guessing that the Contacts are in the Storage (640K is high) and not coming into the phone.
    Dont really want to lose 20 years of contacts.
    Help? Huawei G526-L22
    09-09-2015 07:51 PM

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