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    My current situation:

    L1 Note2 UDP upgrade no
    L2 S6 UDP upgrade yes
    L3 HTC One 9 UDP upgrade yes
    L4 Basic Phone upgrade no
    L5 Basic Phone upgrade yes

    I have already upgraded the L2 and L3 using the following method.


    1.) Order the S6 using either Line 1/3/4's upgrade from either Best Buy or Verizon. Have the phone shipped to home.
    2.) When the new phone arrives do not turn it on or plug it in.
    3.) Log into Verizon's website
    4.) Select "activate or switch device"
    5.) Select Line 2
    6.) Select "phone that has never been on the account before"
    7.) Select "use pre-existing SIM"
    8.) Type in the IMEI and SIM numbers that came with the new phone. Usually, there is a sticker on the box that contains them.
    9.) Follow the rest of the directions to activate the phone"

    Can I upgade the Note 2 by using the upgrade from either lines 2,3 or 5 with this same method. I am not sure if anything has changed since August 13th.

    Thanks again for any help.
    09-10-2015 01:27 PM

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