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    About a week ago after the latest update to my Galaxy S6 my phone will no longer fully charge in an hour. I'm using the charger it came with, and when I plug the phone in it will say "fast charging" and then give an estimated 1 hour 15 minutes until fully charged. However, after having it on the charger for about 4 hours it will have only reached 56%, originally starting at 20%. When I pull the top down it still says fast charging and the time estimate is now only 1 minute, but it's STILL at the 56%! It takes about 8 full hours to reach 100% and once it does, the battery drains rapidly.

    I always close apps when I'm done with them. The cord is fully plugged into the brick. I've tried different outlets. I've only downloaded apps that are secure, and only about 10. I haven't downloaded 30+ apps and then run them simultaneously. In the 5 minutes it's taken to write this post the battery has gone from 71% to 64%. This all seems to have started after the latest update about a week ago around Sept 6th, it's the update that changed the 3G service triangle (next to WiFi symbol at the top) from bars on an incline to now just a solid triangle. I've had the phone since May 30th and have had zero issues until now. Should I call Samsung or bring it to my provider Sprint? Any suggestions and help are appreciated! Thank you!

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    09-11-2015 07:26 AM
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    Try rebooting the device and see if that helps. There may be kan active process keeping the device from sleeping and the device is using power while charging (syncing data).
    09-11-2015 07:53 AM

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