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    Hi everyone. I have a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4, with VERY few non-stock apps. The only one I really use is TextMobile, which I downloaded because the stock Word compatible app (Polaris Office) will not automatically wrap the page to fit the screen if you enlarge the text. I don't use the phone very much for anything besides checking Email, sending a small number of SMS messages, and making phone calls.

    So I was typing a document a few months ago and accidentally deleted it, which was disappointing because it was a few pages of original writing. I tried to recover it and then discovered that deleted files are unrecoverable on the newer Android versions, because they eliminated the USB debugging feature. BUT...!!!

    I started typing something today that used one of the same uncommon words (Nyquist) as the document I deleted, and the predictive text suggestion not only suggested it after the first few letters, it continued to suggest every word I had typed in a whole paragraph of the earlier deleted document, including punctuation for multiple sentences! It is totally impossible that this would have been by chance, because this was an original composition, and there were scientific terms and proper nouns (product and place names) in the paragraph.

    To confirm it had my old documents stored somewhere, I tried typing a few VERY uncommon words from very old things I had written (deleted last year or maybe 2013), and sure enough, those documents were also there. Remember, it isn't just suggesting individual words AFTER I start typing them, it is suggesting the following word in complete paragraphs BEFORE I start them, one word at a time, WITH punctuation. I also typed the really old docs on the stock Polaris Office app, not the one I used to try this, TextMobile, so it can't be the app storing it.

    So obviously the phone must have a copy of everything I've ever typed stored somewhere on the phone, and I would love to be able to recover this text, even if it is in raw form and not formatted with margins, etc.

    I don't use Web storage and have all sync features turned off, except for checking Email (a Hotmail account). I am using the stock Samsung keyboard, and am updated to the latest Android version with AT&T, which I think is 5.0.1. I also updated the last time after I deleted the aforementioned document that I want to recover, and that the phone seems to be secretly storing somewhere.

    Does anyone know where these secret files are located? I found a large database file on the phone with a generic Samsung name (I forget what now), but I couldn't access it a few months ago when I was trying to recover the file I deleted. Is that what is stored in it, among other things? I would really love to be able to recover the lost file. :-D
    09-11-2015 06:34 PM

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