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    Please help!

    I have a fairly new Samsung galaxy s5 (3 Months old) and I took it to a shop to get the headphone jack to get fixed since my headphone plug snapped in half while in the phone. I got the phone back (headphone jack fixed) but then I got all kinds of problems: It wouldn't charge because the phone temp was too low? and then after a little drop onto carpet the screen stopped working (it had a case on the phone). I took it back to the people they claimed it wasn't because of them and said they can fix it for $230 and after much debate that if it couldn't be fixed I wouldn't have to pay. They just got back to me saying they have more motherboard issues and it will now be $450 to fix.

    I suspect they could have fried the motherboard when using a heat gun to open the phone but I'm not 100% sure. I know the warranty is void for the place I bought the phone from but they have their own warranty for their services.

    Does it seem like the drop would have caused this or are they at fault?

    Thank you for your answers in advance
    09-11-2015 08:04 PM

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