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    A little bit of background: a couple of weeks ago, I dropped my Galaxy and the screen cracked. However, the crack seems pretty minor: the display behind it still looks perfectly normal, and I've had no problems using my phone for the last two weeks.

    Yesterday, I was using my phone as normal, and then it started to get slow so I shut down all of my apps and restarted. When I restarted, I started getting this issue. I'll describe the issue here:

    1) The phone restarts normally, showing me the Samsung Galaxy logo, followed by the Samsung startup animation, followed by the Verizon red screen, after which it prompts me for my login pattern. I can enter my pattern fine, and doing so shows the Samsung startup animation again and the Verizon red screen.
    2) After this, the problem begins: my entire screen is black except for the bar at the top that shows notifications, the time, etc.: that is totally normal. I can drag down the menu from the top as usual, see all of my notifications/texts, and even toggle the buttons (Wi-Fi, Vibrate/Sound/Mute) that don't open a menu. I can, after holding down the power button, still get the options menu in the center of the screen to display. I even have a flashlight app that has two buttons in said menu to toggle the flashlight flash and the white-screen mode, both of which work.
    3) Any attempt to visit my home screen or to open any menu (such as the settings menu) simply fails. Sometimes, after pressing the power button to get the display (or, in my case, just the top bar) to go away and then pressing the power button again gets the screen to briefly flash. Oddly enough, nothing ever appears to lock my phone anymore, either.

    I'm told by friends that the issue is likely relating to my proximity sensor and my cracked screen. However, I am confused, as I thought that the proximity sensor only mattered when making a call. I have restarted my phone in safe mode, only to encounter the same problem.

    I would really like not to have to reset my phone or replace my screen (I would like to keep my contacts/texts/pictures, which I am told are likely unrecoverable while my phone is in this state, and I would rather not have to pay $150+$20 to have Samsung replace my screen). That being said, I was wondering if anyone could yield some insight on the issue. Thanks!
    09-13-2015 02:08 PM

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