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    About 8 months ago i accidentaly dropped my phone on my driveway and the crack was so bad you can see the bottom part of the battery whole. But just today it started acting weird. It started when i took a shower and i was listening to music on my phone with the door closed. when i got out it wouldnt react to my finger swipes. Then i decided to put it is some rice for a bit and it started working again. After awihle i decided to text a friend. But my device didnt have a signal and said "Ivalied Card-Emergency calls only" but the rest of my family's phones didnt have that and we all have moto g's on a family plan. I decided to turn it off to see if it would fix it but once i turned it off it wouldnt turnback on for another good 7 or so minutes. Once it was on it died almost automaticly at 28 percent. I put it in some rice again then charged it for a sec and it turned on. Only this time it still read "Invaled card-emergency calls only" and the sound didnt work for anything. i turned it off again and its still off now. HELP!
    09-13-2015 02:34 PM

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