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    So, this is now 2015 and returning back to android (gs6 edge+) from iphone.

    I want to simply plugin my phone to macbook and click sync and voila-method to sync music on itunes and photos.

    Yes, I did a little research. google music manager cloud (limitation of cloud), 3rd party apps (lousy options), samsung's smartswitch (i want regular syncs, not one-time transfer), and kids (blahhh).

    All the above solutions do not give a smooth user experience. Most of all, how the heck do I sync playlists? Android users tell me: simply copy and paste the music files on android phone folder, but... BUT what about the playlists on itunes? I have over 10k songs all organized under 30+ playlists. I can't think of wasting a month of time to remake the playlists...

    Help me!
    09-14-2015 05:37 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Have you tried apps like iSyncr, doubleTwist, or SmoothSync? From what I've read, they work reasonably well, but you'll have trouble finding something that works seamlessly, because you're not dealing with an iPhone.

    If you upload your iTunes library to your Google Music cloud, it can also upload your current iTunes playlists. The problem is that the music or the playlists won't constantly sync, so any changes you make in iTunes won't be reflected in Google Music. Personally, I don't like iTunes on my PC, so when I uploaded my library to Google Music, I just made the transition there and then, and abandoned iTunes. True, Google Music is a cloud solution, but you can also download the music directly to your phone, which should allow the playlists to work when offline. That music can take up a lot of space, though, which is important on the S6 Edge+ that doesn't have an SD slot.
    09-14-2015 02:41 PM

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