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    I am looking for a simple launcher, I guess, so that my dad can watch movies. My dad's memory is starting to fail, and he needs a simple device to use. I have a B&N Nook (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4) but it's too complex for him in it's natural state. I have ripped and loaded a few movies for him, and I'd like it if he could just turn on the tablet, see icons for his movies and press the icon for the one that he wants to watch.

    The closest I could get was to remove all of the icons off of the home screen save for the my files icon. He could click on that and see a list of movies, and that would work fine, but it was easy to accidentally hit the Nook search app, or another app which is on the home screen, then he'd get lost and couldn't get back to the file folder.

    I thought the Buzz launcher would work, but I myself have gotten lost in trying to configure that. I must admit that I am new to Android devices, and especially customizing them.

    Ideally the home screen would have nothing on it except for either icons or tiles for movies, and that is it. No weather info, no mail, no browser, nothing. I just want to turn the tablet into a media playback device for him while he is in the rehab center.

    Second best case would be just one folder with his movies in it, nothing else.

    Is there a launcher for this, or is there a way of customizing one to do what I need?
    Would a different tablet be needed?
    09-14-2015 08:52 PM

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