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    I had a galaxy victory and it ran Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, etc. perfectly fine on normal settings. But I wanted a bigger screen and the games on highest settings. From all the reviews and comparisons, the S3 was the perfect match. I got the phone, got the games, put them on my SD card because PS1 games take up a lot of space. I start up my phone and start the game, 5 seconds in on lowest settings and it bogs down to like 20-30 frames instead of the 50-60 it should be running (my victory ran higher settings at pretty much a steady 59-60), and the phone is burning a hole in the table, I can feel it right through my thick case.

    Anyway I can fix this or should I just give up on the S3 and sell it?
    09-15-2015 04:48 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Are the apps installed from Google Play Store, or were they sideloaded? If you sideload an app, there's no guarantee that it's fully compatible with your device, and there's also a greater risk for malware, since most apk files come from unregulated filesharing sites.

    A corrupt SD card can also cause issues, so you could see how it works with a different card.
    09-15-2015 05:54 PM

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