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    I am using a new BLU Studio X phone with Android Lollipop on it, and last night some update occured, which I recall mentioned something about 'Stage Fright'. The update wiped out my icon setup, so I had to rebuild that, but the biggest problem I'm having is the sudden and unexpected power hemorrhage my phone is now inflicted with.

    My battery is now being drained significantly faster then it used to, and even after I disabled every widget I used before the update. I also noticed that recharging is taking significantly longer as well. My phone would recharge from 80% to 100% in less then half an hour, now after two hours on the charger it's only at 97%.

    Another thing, I used to play games on my phone while it was on the charger and it would slowly charge up, now I can't play games while its charging or it drains faster then it can charge.

    I have taken the time to disable any and all unnecessary apps while charging and it still takes far too long to charge, and drains much too fast.

    Anyone else noticed this problem after the recent update?
    Is there a way for me to uninstall the update and return my phone to the state it was in prior to the update?

    Can anyone suggest really good battery saving apps/methods I could look into?
    09-16-2015 04:11 PM

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