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    I rooted my HP 10 with Kingoroot, as I was unable to find anything else capable of doing so. It actually worked fairly well, except that if the tablet gets turned off and turned back on again, it acts like a factoy reset prompting me to enter user info, language, etc. I unooted with Kingo, rerooted, unrooted with SuperSu, rerooted, unrooted with an App off the Play Store, tried factory resetting through the recovery, wiped the cache, and even drained the battery hoping that may kick something out.

    I am assuming that Kingoroot did something to it initially, but rooted or unrooted, the tablet factory reset starts every time. Is there something like a MBR or something that needs to be rewritten or is there a /system file that needs to be recovered?

    Hopefully that is enough information to help someone get started to figure out what I did.

    Thanks in advance.
    09-16-2015 04:59 PM

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