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    I just sent this email to Snapchat Customer Service headquarters potentially declaring a new issue with their latest update or just further providing evidence that my LG G3 is a flawed device. I have never had this happen ever! And if the insurance claim doesn't go through I will have to either pay LG to repair my phone (if they can) or pay up $290 to AT&T for a new phone.

    So Tuesday night my phone software updated at home on the WiFi while I slept then come the morning of Wednesday September 16th a little after 11am after using my phone to text and check the news and watch some videos perfectly fine. I watched a video on YouTube about Snapchat secrets or how to adjust emjois and the text so to say. I also read up on the latest update that I had just recently installed. I am a Snapchat beta tester - I am not sure if this fact matters. So anyways around 11am I was trying to zoom in on the pixels of a watermelon emoji, change the color and size of font, and find out how people were able to get large eyes and rainbows. I don't know what happened but Snapchat froze and by froze I mean not just the app my entire phone froze I could not turn it off with the power button or do anything with the home button. I did freak out and it probably didn't help that I ended up pressing every button on the phone to try to get some reaction out of it. I waited a few mins and watched as the watermelon emjoi I was trying to zoom in on enlarge and then go really small. The key board then popped up several times and New Hampshire filters started scrolling on the screen as if I was swiping through them but I was NOT. I tried to take a screen shot so I could have evidence if something went wrong.. and indeed something did go very wrong. Anyways I tried multiple times to take a screenshot (volume down, power button) and one, I do believe did go through. I sent the Snapchat to my story and proceeded to press the home button to get out of Snapchat. After 10 seconds of glitching, Snapchat just crashed. After this I immediately did a virus scan and a DU Speed booster scan. I also went to my back up cleaner called 360 scan and scanned my phone with that too. I found nothing except the usual cache files and whatnot. So after that I proceeded to close all the apps and then open a few to test their speed. I Pocketmine 2 and proceeded to play one round of that only to notice an obvious lag and the sides of the upper corners of the screen starting to gradually flash. I then closed that game and proceeded delete some apps to see if it was a storage problem (however I doubt because I had a large SD card) or if it was something that happened via Snapchat glitching out. As one of the apps was in the process of uninstalling the flashing on the sides of the screen started to become more apparent, then a horizontal line and bold line appeared towards the bottom of my screen and the whole screen slowly faded to a reddish black and then just black. However the phone was still alive as when I pressed the power button it was then that the light from the black screen disappeared and the phone shut off. I restarted the phone and took the battery out but nothing. I can get on my phone for at most 10 seconds before a line appears and it fades to black. I contacted LG customer service and went to AT&T. I have insurance on my phone as it was recently purchased in the past year so I am going to file a insurance claim and be sent a new phone free of charge however. I would like you to know of this issue as it was working perfectly fine via Snapchat and after the app glitched out, froze and then crashed that's when everything became ridiculously slow and then my phone screen failed. The LG representative wanted me to pay for my phone to be repaired however I feel I am not at fault for this phone failure and should not have to pay. Although it is not common for the failure or glitches of an app to effect the screen or LCD in someway it is not unheard of. So instead I will be filing a claim for a new device. I'm not sure if you have heard about this before but it was very strange how I updated Snapchat then updated my android software overnight - the phone was perfectly fine in the morning prior to using Snapchat and then after using it having it freeze and crash my phone started to flash and then got a black horizontal line and slowly faded to black... Also another thing I would like to point out. I have not dropped my phone or accidentally jumped in a pool with this phone ever. So there is not a cosmetic or physical variable involved. I would appreciate a human response back and not an automatic reply. I would like to know if you have ever heard of this happening and if not could please look into it for me as I have never seen an app so violently glitch out and crash as Snapchat did yesterday.
    09-17-2015 03:32 PM
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    Im having the same exact problem with ny Zenfone 2 fron ASUS, i use snapchat as well and i recieved updates, i did not however join the beta for snapchat updates. From what i remember though, Snapchat did freeze up on me at one point similar to how you described it. Every time there is ANY black on the top 1/3 of my screen the entire bottom 4/5 freezes and slowly fades to a static white or black. I would love any feedback from you or anyone viewing this thread on how to fix it or what may have happened. I havent had any physical damage either, nor water damage, nor any real shock to it.
    12-26-2015 11:32 PM

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