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    Earlier today I continuously got the "unfortunately google search has stopped" message at every screen. also my keyboard was gone so I couldn't text either. Cleared my google search data and cache (after a half hour on phone with a tech) The keyboard came back and the search did also. Realized that I couldn't use the voice search (get the same message) or voice texting (screen locks and the person I'm texting has to text back to unlock the screen). Spent another half hour with tech who told me to call Kyocera. Tried to resolve through online chat. Tech told me factory reset seemed to be my only option. Did that last year - lost of lot of my stuff. After searching this site, I cleared the data in Google Music and got my voice search back but still can't use voice to text. Any suggestions?

    BTW, spent last night in a hotel and didn't login to their WIFI. Got some texts last night and couldn't download until this morning. I think be part of the problem.
    09-17-2015 06:16 PM

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