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    Hi Everyone!

    I am wondering if anyone knows of the existence of a receiver of 900mhz frequency signals that is compatible with Android 4.4?

    I recently bought a 900mhz router for my father to use (his work involves testing alarm systems and the serial data they send) but I wasn't informed that the 900mhz frequency can't be picked up by Android devices over Wifi (I'm clueless about this level of computing/networks).

    According to the modem manufacturers, a serial data to USB cable could be used, however my father needs to be able to be walking around with the device, so as to trigger the detectors and check that they send the correct signals, so a wired cable isn't viable.

    Sorry if this is vague, I'm feeling increasingly out of my depth here!

    Thanks in advance for any help given!

    Kind Regards,
    09-17-2015 11:11 PM

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