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    This morning I received an update on my GS4 and installed it. I was using 5.0.1 before so it might a 5.1 update I don't know.
    I installed the update as I always did. After phone restarted it showed "Optimizing apps X/Y" and started counting. However it restarted after each 5 to 10 optimizations. Like when it first showed it said optimizing app 1,2.../210 and counted till 12 and restarted and then showed optimizing apps X/200 and counted till 15 and restarted and then Y/192 and so on. I got it down to 45 apps this way. But now it needs like 5-6 restarts for 1 app optimization.
    I have an application called airwatch in my phone for my company's security policies and because of that I have to enter my password each time phone restarts. So I can not leave the phone on my desk and let it be for hours either.
    I have searched in forums for a solution and people generally advise to do a factory reset or start in safe mode or wipe cache etc. The problem is I have tried all these and nothing happened
    hold volume down + power to power up
    hold volume down+up+power to power up
    hold menu+power to power up
    hold menu+vol down+power to power up
    hold menu+vol down+vol up+power to power up
    hold turn off to start in safe mode
    and all the above for restarting as well

    Just nothing happens. Phone turns on like it always does and no additional menu shows up.
    I have removed the SD card too.

    Since 5.0 update the phone was very unstable, drained battery like 3 times faster and slowed down considerably. It even had trouble opening simple apps like whatsapp. I seriously feel like smashing the phone at the moment. It has been almost 3 hours since I am trying to just turn the ******* phone on.

    Anyone have an idea?
    09-18-2015 02:33 AM

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