1. AC Question's Avatar
    Everytime I import pictures from my work phone, I get 150 files which are photos, jpeg, gif, png etc which are stored somewhere on my phone from opening emails or attahments. Every week when I load my work photos I get these additonal photos and have to spend time deleting them over an over from my laptop.
    I have even USB connected the XT1080 Motorola Droid phone and searched its tree directory and cant find these files to delete them.
    Any help would be appreciated?
    09-18-2015 03:47 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Don't use the Import Photos and Videos feature on Windows Explorer--as you can see, it indiscriminately transfers all images, including cached images from apps and websites. It's better to select the photos yourself in Windows Explorer, and then drag and drop them to the computer.
    09-19-2015 12:52 AM

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