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    Hello, my HTC One (M7) is on it's last legs and I'm ready for an upgrade. Currently I'm a tmobile subscriber but later this year I will be relocating to Luxembourg. I'm looking for a new phone I can get now that will work once I'm over there on the LTE channels. After some research, it looks like I have a few choices:

    Oneplus 2, non US edition
    LG G4, non US edition
    Moto X Pure (or style, but it looks like the Pure has channels for Lux)

    So, I wanted to ask if there was anything I was missing. I'm tempted to just order the Moto Pure, but the battery life and cpu speed have me worried. Also, it looks like it will work on the Lux LTE channels, but maybe not in France or Germany?

    Thoughts? Are there other options for unlocked flagship performance phones that I'm missing?

    09-19-2015 04:43 AM

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