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    As the title says my now 3 month old tablet has strange storage. In the webpage of this tablet said that this tablet have 8 gb of storage, BUT in settings I can see it has 900MB of INTERNAL memory and remaining 7GB are used as sd card. I mean the 8GB has 2 partitions, the 900MB internal partition, which is always full (cant download apps, because memory full), and the other sd card partition where I storage my sc hool files, presentations, exam files, pictures, music,ebooks, videos and more personal stuff. Some apps can be moved to sd, but other can't, so I can't download apps. I have only 10mb free.
    So the point of this long story is that can I somehow make internal partition bigger. I use only 1gb of sd partition. If it matters then the tablet is Goclever quantum 900. it is cheap tablet in ours 70 euros. For me that tablet is more than enough, but memory. I want root it but cant find root for it. Please reply, because soon I need to download one app for schoolwork, but it takes too much memory. 1,5 gb shold be more than enough.

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    09-19-2015 11:27 AM

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