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    Hi I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 19500 for a year now and I just started experiencing problems.

    1. My battery is starting to drain fast like when I used to sleep for 6 hours my phone would drain 3% - 5% max. But now the past few days it started draining 30% in like 6-7 hours. I turned my phone off to remove the battery and check it, it's a little TINY bit bloated like you won't even notice and it looks as if it's flat but you can like spin the battery on table to tell it's a bit bloated.

    2. My phone randomly turned off and randomly restarted on it's own a few times the past week. It even turned my phone OFF without restarting at 1% while I was sleeping and I managed to turn it back on at 1%.

    3. When my phone charge reaches 30% or 15%, it would turn off Sync, Wifi or 3G, and it turns my 30 second screen time out to 15 second screen time out I don't know why, that never happened before. Like the brightness would be lowered when it reaches 10% or 5% ok but NOT randomly turn off Sync, Wifi or 3G and mess with my settings to the lowest default. It still happens even when I turn OFF and ON Power Save mode. How is this happening?? How can I stop it??

    Should I get a new battery?? or how do the fix that thing that keeps turning off Sync, Wifi, 3G or screen time out from 30 Seconds to 15 Seconds??

    P.S I have been dying to get the Lollipop software and I am still stuck with 4.4.2 KitKat I don't know why. My Phone isn't fake whatsoever but it's made in the original Samsung China company. I bought my phone from an official place.
    09-19-2015 01:01 PM
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    First, replace the battery.
    Any problems that remain thereafter, we can deal with then.

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    09-19-2015 01:45 PM

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