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    Phone doesn't boot up, it's stuck at welcome screen from my provider, i already sent it for repair and they told me that i needed a new motherboard because the software was damaged, i assume they were refering to the ROM, sadly my phone isn't a very popular phone so there is almost no way to get a new motherboard for it.
    Real question is can I actually change my ROM without needing to buy a whole motherboard?
    I seen custom ROMs available, and i also seen people uploading backups for my phone and flashing tools, sadly i'm not sure what most of this things mean and the more i look it up i start getting confused, from scatter files to ROM and such and such. So.... can anyone ask the basic question of:
    Is what I want to do possible?
    What's the best way to do it?
    I tried to change the ROM in the past and got an error someone told me something about a number specifically from the ROM in my phone and the ROM I wanted to install and how they were not compatible and i had to delete the whole ROM.

    Can someone just explain to me what i have to do? like what is a flashing tool? do i need to do that? do you recommend getting a custom ROM instead? etc etc....
    09-19-2015 05:16 PM

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