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    I own an Asus Memo Pad 7. It's completely brand new, but has problems like this one. Whenever I run a game, it crashes randomly. Some games won't even start and say "Unfortunately ______ has stopped working". One game I've found crashing time and time again is Summoner's War. I'll play the game for a bit, then it'll crash out of nowhere. I've also been experiencing framerate issues with it. It won't run as smoothly as it did before the game started crashing. It's not just Summoner's War either. I've played other games, like Dragon City, and the same thing happens. My cousin has an android phone and has no problems like this at all. He plays the same game so it can't be the game's fault. The tablet is practically brand new, has had no previous owners, is at full battery, and I'm signed in to everything I need to be. Please help, I really want to play these games...
    09-20-2015 12:33 AM
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    Hi, please continue this discussion in the thread you started a couple of weeks ago: http://forums.androidcentral.com/asu...ml#post4668273. Thread closed to prevent parallel discussions.
    09-20-2015 02:48 AM

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