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    after i reset my galaxy note 10.1 because i think my device now has a virus on it...well i dont really now....but this is the what happened on why i think my device has now a virus on it :

    i wanted to root my device so used kingroot...i followed all the steps and yes i rooted my device but later on i read some reviews that kingroot is not safe cause it is by the way a "just one-click and you root your device without the use of pc,etc" so i uninstalled it..after i unistalled theres this apps just popped out of nowhere...the name of this apps is monkeytest , timeservice, com.android.ap.provider....so i uninstalled them but every time i restart/shutdown and turn on again my device theres this message showing up saying
    android is upgrading:
    installing apps......
    and when i open my device after restart/shutdown those apps appear again....whatever i do they wont dissappear so thats why i decided to reset my device and now i think i just made it even worst than before cause it didnt solved anything at all, the message still shows up after restart/shutdown and the apps still popps up again and now i cant use my device properly cause now its very loggish and freezes/hangs up every now and then and every time i scroll the screen (right or left) theres this voice saying h1 of 5, h2 of 5 , h3 of 5 ,h4 of 5 , or h5 of 5.....

    09-20-2015 12:51 AM
  2. minion123's Avatar
    You need to axe o throw away your phone. there is virus in it. I broke 2 phones with kingroot. when you enter some email o personal information, then it's gonna steal it. I know one guy who lost 2000$ on his bank account because of this virus. unfortunately that virus is now in your phone and CANNOT be deleted, because if you reinstall android, it is back again I tried.

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    09-20-2015 02:22 AM

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