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    Huge problem - just signed onto SquareUp (committing myself to a $49 upgrade) and now I have to download the SU app onto my DNA, but they can't because I don't have any space. Trying to find out where my files are, I learn here on Android Central that I haven to dl a file manager app -- tried and there isn't enough space! I can't simply "delete the stuff you don't need" if I don't know what it is, and I can't find the files to find out what they are without another app that I can't install because I don't have enough space, and round and round we go! Is there SOMEONE out there who knows a way to get into this mysterious directory?

    Side note: We are giving all kinds of companies permission to harvest our private information, photos, files, contacts, even the camera and microphone(!), and they don't even permit us to see OUR VERY OWN FILES??? There is something wrong with this picture!
    09-20-2015 07:05 AM
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    It's hard for me to believe that no one knows how to find where the files are located in the DNA! Isn't there at least a disgruntled ex-employee of HTC ready to spill the beans? Why is this such a secret? Why can't the OWNERS of files know where their stuff is located? In the past it was possible! I had the HTC Thunderbolt -- it took some doing and searching, but I got the answer and I was, indeed, able to download my files to my computer. Why the hell (sorry, "heck") is this so hard to get at? What's the deal... are we really moving toward a society where the power players have all the information and the peons have absolutely none -- to keep them powerless? I am SO not a conspiracy nut -- but this is such a huge problem for me that I'm beginning to sound like one!

    Somebody, please, have pity on me and help me know how I can move files, photos, and other data, onto my computer from my HTC DNA! I've looked at all the software that's supposed to do it -- one of them insists the phone is not hooked up to the computer via the USB connection, when it totally IS! Another talks and talks and talks and gives no info about HOW!

    Things used to make sense -- until Microsoft and other major players decided that people were fundamentally dumb, and had to be spoonfed everything! That was when things went downhill for me! As a simple example -- I really LIKED that when I wanted to download a file or picture, a directory window popped up that would allow me to navigate to the folder I wanted to store the file in, rename it to something I would know and remember, and if there were ten of them, I could hold down the Ctrl key and select them all, and put them into the same place together, at once! Now, no such luck! I have two choices: to open the file I want to download in the program that will allow me to see it, or to download it to the download folder. This is a one-file-at-a-time endeavor! And when I'm done with that, I have to go to the big "download" folder, where I now have to FIND the file that someone else named(!), and click on and choose to cut, then navigate to the folder I wanted it in, in the first place, and after pasting it, re-naming it. Have you counted how many extra steps this is? For this we have the computer???? Something meant to save us TIME?!

    I am SO fed up with computer geeks deciding what will make things "easier" for us! They are playing to the lowest common denominator, and pardon me, I don't count myself among them, and resent being stripped of the controI used to have! And I'm at a loss to explain why other people simply accept these changes like dumb sheep! I'm from the generation that protested stuff like this, and I'm not happy, and I want choices! Let the people who need to be led like sheep have that, but give me back the control of how and where I download and save a file, for gawd's sake!

    Okay, that was my diatribe for the moment. Now back to the issue at hand. I still need to know how to safeguard my files, photos, and other stuff, that is now on my phone (HTC DNA), onto my computer. Please, I still need help. HELP!

    Gratefully anticipating and vigilantly watching,
    09-22-2015 08:03 AM

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