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    Recently, starting sometime last month, I've gotten the notification "Unfortunately LG keyboard has stopped working" from my phone. This notification persists and keeps popping up every five seconds. I've tried turning the phone off and then on again, taking the battery out, deleting a bunch of cached data, even forcing the LG Keyboard app to stop, and nothing works. Most of the time I turn my phone off for about an hour and hope it goes away.

    When the app decides to stop giving me these notifications, any time I do need to use the keyboard, it will work, but the buttons are blank and I have to pretty much guess what letters and numbers I'm typing. It's incredibly frustrating.

    For almost 5-6 months now, I've been having the other issue of my phone telling me that I have "no internal memory" or "no storage space" left on my phone. I have a micro SD card that I bought for my phone, hoping that maybe I could find a way to store things on that. That didn't work either. The only thing I've been able to save onto the SD card is my photos and maybe 2 apps. Therefore, everything else that helps run my phone stubbornly insists on saving to the internal memory, telling me every five minutes that I am low on memory.

    This has become a problem for receiving messages too, since sometimes when someone texts me, I hear the notification, but an icon pops up and says "Unable to receive messages" until I hurriedly delete app data, which seems to build up every five seconds no matter how often I delete it. Then, after that, I MAYBE receive the message a few minutes later.
    09-20-2015 10:08 AM
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    Take a look at this thread about a similar problem with the LG keyboard.

    LG Keyboard has stopped

    This guide can help you to deal with your storage problems.

    [GUIDE] Android Memory and How to Deal with Low Memory Warnings
    09-20-2015 10:14 AM

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