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    Hi everyone, I have transferred files from my LG G4 to the pc with no problems before. I have just done a backup as usual, except this time there are several videos I have taken with the phone that do not playback any video or sound. The run time of the video is displayed correctly, and the file size of the files are correct, so there is data there. But for some reason I can't view them... all the pictures display however, no problems.

    Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? I'm really worried I have lost these precious files. I have tried transferring them back to the phone but it says they cannot be played... Thankyou in advance!
    09-20-2015 01:45 PM
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    I'm having a similar problem.

    I downloaded my daughter's files from her new HTC phone to my windows 7 laptop, attaching the cord and choosing download with windows, delete from phone. The usual. I get all the photos she's taken, plus every icon and image viewed on the web over the few weeks we've had these phones, and her .mp4s. All the images were fine, but the mp4s were unplayable on windows media player. Web help led to error C00D11B1, although it seems to assume it's a mp3.

    Round 2: I downloaded my photos and videos from my LG G4, and had an identical response - every icon or image seen, unplayable mp4s, but I didn't delete them from my phone.

    I just switched from the iPhone and am obviously doing something wrong.

    What I've tried:
    1. emailed one of my daughter's mp4s to her windows 8 computer. no luck.
    2. tried to fix windows media player: updated security, codexes, Microsoft fixit
    3. tried opening files in a different media player (VLC, MPC-HC)
    4. tried installing google photo app on my phone and drive on my computer, then uploaded my mp4s to my google drive. Worked, but it's a pain.
    5. tried uploading my daughter's unplayable mp4s from the computer to my google drive. did not work.
    6. tried downloading my mp4s from my google drive to my computer. Worked but they're sideways. (I had to film portrait orientation because I have a broken arm.)

    If anyone can help OP, it would help me too!

    Does anyone have any direction for downloading my photos and videos to my computer? Is there some setting I have wrong that they're in the same folder with all these unwanted images? Any idea if I can save my kid's videos?

    11-14-2015 11:08 AM

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