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    Hi I accidentally cut and pasted files from my phone (LG G4) to pc instead of copying and pasting, then deleting. All the photos transferred ok, but the video files seem to have been corrupted, I can't play them, even though the file sizes are correct etc. Have tried using all kinds of players and even converting but nothing works.

    I managed to recover the files I transferred from the SD card but I can't use that recovery software on the internal storage as the phone is showing up as a remote device. I have done a lot of searching and figured out how to put the phone in usb debugging mode but it still shows up as a remote device. I am not using the phone hoping it isn't overwriting the areas where the videos were. These are precious memories we've lost so I'm really hoping someone here can help.

    The short version is; how do I recover deleted files from the phones internal storage?

    Thanks so much for reading and thanks in advance for replying, I will check back here often!


    09-21-2015 10:12 AM

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