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    I recently purchased a Siswoo Longbow C55 running Android 5.1

    Up until now everything has worked great but a few days ago every video I try to watch freezes after a couple of frames while the audio keep playing in the background. If I try to scrub the video it plays normally for a few frames and then freezes again. It happens in all video-streaming apps (Youtube, Netflix, etc) when I try to stream HD-video. 144p still works but is obviously not desirable when you had previously been able to watch 720p videos perfectly fine.

    I did not update any apps or change any settings at all prior to this new behavior occurring. Much like a time-trial software it just suddenly stopped working.
    It is also not a problem with the internet connection as speedtests confirm it works as normal and also the problem appears whether I am connected to my Wifi or not.

    Pretty much the same thing happened with my previous phone (ZTE Blade) where it worked fine for a couple of weeks and then just flat-out refused to play HD-video like someone had flipped a switch somewhere. Again without updating anything or changing any settings.

    Please, it would be wonderful to finally find a solution to this very annoying problem. Thank you.
    09-21-2015 05:41 PM

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