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    I know that this question already answered in other forums, but the answer seems to not work on my phone (and most of the thread already died a year ago). The problem is the same, apps moved to external SD card, after booting the shortcut icon when clicked says that "Apps isn't installed" and check on google play indeed it seems like I uninstalled it. And on lucky reboot or sudden reboot I can get back my apps(which the lucky boot is almost non-existent anymore).
    But maybe the different thing is that when I check the setting app, there is no trace of the program and when I reinstall it, the game seems to continue from where I left just fine.
    I've try the check and fix error on the phone and external SD card. Mount and unmount the external SD card. Try to not restart as many as possible. Once I even format my SD card and still the problem exist.
    The problem I have not try yet is to use apps to partition my memory but I see the warning that if I'm not advanced user I should not try to use the partition apps that makes me scared if I actually do something wrong and have to say bye bye to everything in my phone.

    My android version is 4.2.2
    The kernel version is 3.4.5
    If that makes any difference
    I did not root my phone because I don't understand how even after I read the instructions on several sites. (I'm lost in the middle of the explanation)

    Please help :') And if this is not fixable at least I know I need to save up to by a new phone
    09-21-2015 05:57 PM

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