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    My Motorola Droid Mini keeps turning itself on and off, over and over. It loads up the Motorola Loading thing for a second before moving onto the actual loading/ turning on droid thing and it goes onto the phone. For what seems like less than a minute. I need my phone, and this is getting rather ridiculous just sitting there and watching as it keeps going on and off. If it helped any with a possible explanation, I don't really know, I turned it off earlier before realizing I needed it again and right after it turned off I turned it back on again. Could that be a possible glitch or something? I just really need to get this fixed, so any help would be nice, Also when I turn it off completely in the amount of time it lets me on I can fully shut it down but when I turn it back on again it does the same on/off thing. Please help, thank you! Just as a slight update, I posted this question before. It ONLY turns on and stays on, if the phone is on Airplane mode. This is a problem because I cannot TEXT or Call. I need to be able to do this!
    09-21-2015 06:18 PM

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