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    Okay, so my menu touch key just stopped lighting up! It's not working anymore. The power saving mode is not on. The back key works and lights up just fine, it's just the menu key. I think it might have broke? I was washing dishes and some drops of water got on the screen and on the keys. I also have a tempered glass protector so I didn't think the water would affect my phone at all. So a while ago, when I was using it, it kept going into split screen mode, which is activated by holding the menu key. I was not touching the menu key, but it seemed like something was cause my phon e kept going into the split screen. I have a plastic bow home button sticker and thought maybe that was the cause of the problem, so I took it off and saw that there was a drop of water caught under it on the left side near the menu key. I quickly wiped it off. Now, I can't remember at what point the menu lights were faintly flickering because I turned off my phone, but when they did I panicked and turned off my phone again. When I turned it back on, the menu button would no longer light up. I'm almost certain it was cause of the water...It's really bothering me. Is there any way I can fix it? Or do I have to go to some shop to get it fixed?
    09-21-2015 08:30 PM

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