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    Just to clarify, this situation occurred when the S Pen is inserted in the correct direction.

    This usually happens when i spent more than 30 mins on the phone, and when I tried to pull the pen out, it seems that there is something holding it tightly, (i suspect the rubber was sticking on hard to the pen due to the heat). I visited the service center when it happens for the first time, and they charged me some fees for fixing it and explain that it was caused by pushing the pen in too hard.

    After a few days, the same thing happens again... and i tried to pull it out with extra strength (while hoping it does not spoil) and the pen still works (the sensor).

    I tried to search around for related issues, but seems like no one is having such an issues. Therefore, i would like to ask here if anyone have come across this situation?

    What should be avoided or what can be done?
    09-22-2015 09:06 AM

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