1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a Droid Turbo. It had synced just fine for a month and today it stopped. No password changes or other updates as far as I know. It was working until last night. Now, it says it synced but no new messages show up. I did swipe upward in email accidently and I am not sure what that does? Maybe that explains it but I am flummoxed. It says it just synced but it does not delete email that I have deleted from my work email and it does not add new email.
    09-22-2015 12:30 PM
  2. jenniferfoote9's Avatar
    Same issue here - started yesterday. Were you able to resolve yours? If so, please share!!

    09-24-2015 05:47 AM
  3. Josh Scoville's Avatar
    Me too. If I remove account and reinstall it will synch once or twice but then back to same problem.
    12-04-2015 05:33 PM

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