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    I use multiple Androids, a LG g3 and an LG g4. Since changing my password just for security sake as a good habit, I can now no longer log into my yahoo messenger on my LG g4 which is my primary and new phone. And I suspect it's because I've lost my original LG browser from my LG g4 I inadvertently deleted it. And Yahoo Messenger I believe needs that recognition to recognize my phone now. I'm trying to avoid a hard reset on my g4 to get the LG browser back. I'm thinking perhaps if i set my g3 to Chrome as primary browser while I'm still logged in to yahoo messenger on it and and then try the login on the g4 I may get some positive results. But I'm somewhat hesitant to do anything with the g3 except leave it alone until I get the g4 going ... I'm starting this thread in hopes of getting some insight and some suggestions for Help this is been going on for days on end I've spent hours with Yahoo T-mobile and LG attempting to regain access on my g4 without doing a hard reset, thanks for reading.

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    09-22-2015 01:02 PM

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