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    Hi, I'm looking to buy a Moto X 2nd gen from Republic Wireless. The customization I have in mind is black front, ebony back, orange accent. But I'm worried that orange might be too loud of a color for the long term.

    It looks fantastic in Moto Maker and the pics I've seen online, especially the campfire effect the orange gets on the back with the ebony. But I can't shake the feeling that after a few months I'm going to be sick of staring at two gaudy orange bars every time I use the phone, you know?

    So I thought bronze might work as a subtler choice, but it wouldn't have as much pop.

    And finally there's blue. That's the safest choice, because I'll always like color blue, but 1) it sticks out too much from the ebony, 2) blue doesn't even match black that well, 3) it's not as exciting as orange and yet it would still be distracting in the front, though not as much.

    So, orange, bronze or blue. I know only I can speak for my tastes, but I guess the most objective question I could ask is: If you picked orange or another "loud" color, do you regret it now? Is it bright under most lighting? Are you able to just focus on the screen and sort of not see the speakers? And if you picked one of the more subtle colors, is there a brighter color you wish you'd gone with?
    09-22-2015 03:21 PM

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