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    What's up guys? So I've had the LG G3 since around November last year and I've been enjoying what it has to offer. The thing is, I just want more, to enjoy the LG G3 until I can get my upgrade next year (probably not until the year after though). So my question is, if my phone hard bricks, if my phone gets a huge crack, will it get repaired by LG if that does happen. I don't really care if my warranty is voided because there's only like 2 months on it, but this summer my phone did crack and I was able to get it repaired by LG, obviously out of warranty, and get it back. What if that happens again? Would they not repair the phone just because it was rooted? What if it hard bricks, will they still repair it? I'm not going to be flashing any ROMS on it, mostly just installing apps like Greenify and I heard custom kernels can improve battery life. I also might downscale the phone's screen to 1080p because the temperatures I get when using it is just crazy. Like I would just scroll through Instagram or Twitter for 10 minutes and I would literally feel like I was holding a half cooked hot pocket.
    09-22-2015 04:18 PM

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