1. AC Question's Avatar
    I recently moved and got a new internet provider and router. Whenever I try to connect my phone to this router, it connects and then immediately disconnects from the Wi-Fi.

    The router is a C2000T from CenturyLink.

    I have tried playing with the router and phone settings, including changing the routers channel, G/B/N setting, 2.4ghz/5.0ghz, etc. as well as my phone settings (including disabling the auto-switch to moblie network, etc.) and nothing has worked.

    Thank you for your help!
    09-22-2015 06:59 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Have you also tried temporarily turning off the router security? See this guide for more ideas: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...-problems.html
    09-22-2015 10:11 PM
  3. Justin Byler's Avatar
    Same phone, same router, same issue. Been looking for over a month for a solution. HTC and century link both point fingers at each other.
    09-23-2015 08:33 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Certain routers can be problematic for certain devices. Sometimes you have to go as far as getting a new router. Is that Centurylink a combination modem/router? If so, that's harder to replace. If it's a standalone router, try a different router--you can get decent wireless N routers for about $20 these days.
    09-24-2015 01:56 AM

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