1. daisy159's Avatar
    It gives me dropbox, bluetooth, chaton, google+ messages as options ...and more..but no gmail or email. This happens when I am using the camera and photo preview, as well as when I accessing photos via gallery and going to the "share via" option in both instances. If, from gallery, I select (tick) ONE photo tile, I sometimes (randomly) can get gmail coming up as an included option when I enter "share via" from that screen), but it is not consistent. I am stumped! Please help.
    09-22-2015 08:16 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry for the basic question, but are you scrolling down to see if there are more options?
    09-22-2015 09:52 PM
  3. daisy159's Avatar
    Many thanks...yes I have scrolled down..neither of my email programs are there?
    How would I go about adding them
    09-23-2015 04:49 PM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    You could try clearing defaults and cache for your email apps in the application manager.
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    09-23-2015 04:59 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Or try wiping the cache partition: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-10404
    09-23-2015 05:11 PM
  6. daisy159's Avatar
    No joy with that. I rebooted after clearing cache and defaults (just in case that would help)
    09-23-2015 05:27 PM
  7. daisy159's Avatar
    Whew! thenks for that link... a bit of hyperventilating there...but I got through it...but hasnt added my accounts..
    09-23-2015 05:44 PM
  8. Javier P's Avatar
    That's a funny bug. Do you have any app that could be causing a conflict? Some defaults manager, task killer, battery booster, etc? You could boot into safe mode to enable just the apps that came preinstalled in your phone. This way you can see if there's something wrong with your system or a conflict with an app you downloaded.
    09-23-2015 05:58 PM
  9. daisy159's Avatar
    Have rebooted in safe mode..problem still there
    09-23-2015 06:28 PM
  10. Javier P's Avatar
    What happens if you try to share the same pics from "my files" instead of using the gallery? Same problem?
    09-23-2015 07:13 PM
  11. daisy159's Avatar
    Success....both email programs are there. ..Yippeee
    But, will I always have to do it that way? Just that I am a creature of habit, and it is easier to do it the other more direct way?
    I am hoping you will next tell me how to get those icons back in my other screen
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    09-23-2015 08:10 PM
  12. Javier P's Avatar
    It seems that the problem is in your gallery and camera apps. You could try using a third party gallery and see how it goes. First thing could be clearing cache for these two apps. I don't have a Samsung phone but I think there's a special setting to manage your default apps (not the individual option in the applications manager). Check that.

    Another option could be resetting apps preferences. That will affect all your apps though.
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    09-23-2015 08:32 PM
  13. daisy159's Avatar
    Fantastic!!! Thanks a million. Clearing the gallery cache didnt help, but interesting...maybe?..There is no camera icon when I look for apps to clear the camera cache..only the gallery icon? Dont know if that means much?
    I am now using a a different photo app, and it works as it should with sharing etc.
    So many thanks...I will keep an eye out in case you can tell me where my "lost" camera app is hiding....but meantime I am thrilled.
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    09-23-2015 10:10 PM
  14. Javier P's Avatar
    Glad it helped! I'll let you know if I find something about the camera app.
    09-24-2015 06:55 AM
  15. daisy159's Avatar
    Hi there

    This issue has annoyed the living daylights out of me as the other photo app is longwinded etc. even if it does work.
    I was fooling around with other "share via" options in Gallery, and took a look at the "Quick Share" option which I had not used before. It prompted me to enable my device to be visible to "anyone" ...so I decided I didnt want that, and I force stopped the app,... Yippeee....for some random reason...now Gallery "shares" as it is supposed to? You may understand why, so thought I would share it for what its worth.....presume the Quick share was over-riding the other options.
    10-06-2015 07:01 PM
  16. daisy159's Avatar
    Possibly a bit premature?
    Gallery will share in the correct way....but whilst in My Camera and looking at photo previews, still no email options...lots of others including that Quick share
    10-06-2015 07:08 PM

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